We will be closed on Monday 3rd January, but we re-open on Monday 10th January 2022
Please read our COVID requirements so that you know what to do and bring.

Cloud9 Workshops
Our workshops are designed to help you develop your dance skills in a small group where you can get individual tuition and have more time to ask questions and to practise.

Our workshops cover lots of different aspects of Modern Jive from the fundamentals for complete beginners, right through to advanced moves, musicality and dips and drops.

Workshops are usually held during the day at weekends and they include refreshments and time to practise what you have learned. They are always tailored to the individuals who attend and are never the same twice so you can attend as many times as you like!

We do require you to book in advance for our workshops so that we can ensure even numbers of leads and follows. You can do this on this page when we have a workshop happening soon, or at our Monday night classes in Keynsham.

Call Wendy on 07913 816541

Your Next Cloud9 Workshop

We have no workshops booked at the moment. If you are on our mailing list, you will be notified as to  when our next workshop is happening. If you are not on our mailing list and would like to be, please drop me a message at wendy@cloud9jive.co.uk. 

Details on Some of our Workshops

Beginner Workshop

If you are new or fairly new to Modern Jive, this is the workshop for you. It will take you through the basic moves and technique to help you freestyle with confidence. We will go through the moves in more detail than on class nights and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any issues with the experts and other dancers.

Intermediate Workshop

This workshop is geared towards those who would like to get to grips with intermediate level moves and who wish to make their dancing look and feel more comfortable. We will go through several of the key intermediate moves as well as lead and follow and basic musicality. It will help you to tackle intermediate classes and freestyle with confidence.

Intermediate Skills Workshop

This workshop is geared towards those who would like to enhance their dancing by improving technique and confidence. We will cover a variety of skills including footwork, styling, dips and drops, musicality and communication.

Dips and Drops

This workshop will teach you some adventurous and stylish moves and help you incorporate them into your dancing safely. You will need to be confident with the fundamentals of modern jive in order to make the most of this session. This is naturally a more physically demanding workshop than most so if you are concerned as to whether it is right for you, please do speak to one of our crew or give us a bell and we will advise you.


This workshop is geared towards those who would like to enhance their dancing by making it look and feel more stylish. We will help with footwork, offer styling tips and teach you some stylish moves to give you that ‘wow-factor’ on the dance floor. This workshop will approach each of these points from the perspective of the lead and follow and, as always, we will respond to your needs and what you want to get from the day.