Dance Classes

From 11th July our Modern Jive dance classes will be held in Hanham on Tuesday nights. Our class nights are, above all, fun and sociable. Modern Jive is a very quick and easy dance to learn and is a great way to meet new people, have fun and keep fit. There is no set course so you can just turn up. You don’t need a partner and even if you claim to have two left feet, we will have you up and dancing. At Cloud9, we pride ourselves on our friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Within no time at all, you will have a whole new group of friends and a new skill to enjoy.

Format of the Night

7.45pm – Elbrow Suite

Welcome and Dancing

Get a drink, socialise, have a few warm-up dances. If it’s your fiorts night, don’t worry…we will personally welcome you and guide you through.

8pm – Elbrow Suite

Foundation Dance Class

The emphasis is on getting everyone up and dancing. We teach 3 moves, and dancers of all levels join in so that beginners and more experienced dancers get to meet and learn from each other.

8.45pm – Elbrow Suite

Freestyle Dancing

Have a drink and a chat and practice the moves you’ve just learned to your favourite tracks. Everyone asks each other, no matter what your experience.

9.15pm – Wesley Room

Beginner Recap

In a smaller group, you will go through the foundation moves again in more detail, to give you the confidence to get up and dance. It’s a relaxed session where you get to meet other beginners and ask questions.

9.15pm – Elbrow Suite

Intermediate / Advanced Class

Once you are comfortable with most of the foundation moves, you will be ready for this dance class. We teach 2 moves each week and help you to integrate them into your freestyle.

9.45pm – Elbrow Suite

Freestyle Dancing

Social dancing time for all levels. We all dance with each other no matter what your experience. It is all about enjoying the music and dancing with a friendly group of people.

How Much Does It Cost?

Single night
£8 for the whole night
£4 Freestyle Only (after 9.30pm)
New Member Discount Card


(available to new members only)

Super saver card
6 nights FOR £40 (1 night free)

(nights don’t have to be consecutive)

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